Asset Proxy / Camo Server

GitLab can be configured to use an asset proxy server when requesting external images/videos in issues, comments, etc. This helps ensure that malicious images do not expose the user’s IP address when they are fetched.


A Camo server is used to act as the proxy. We currently recommend using cactus/go-camo as it supports proxying video and is more configurable.

  1. Deploy a go-camo server. Helpful instructions can be found in building catus/go-camo.

  2. Make sure your instance of GitLab is running, and that you have created a private API token. Using the API, configure the asset proxy settings on your GitLab instance. For example:

     curl -X "PUT" "\
     asset_proxy_secret_key=somekey" \
     -H 'PRIVATE-TOKEN: my-private-token'
  3. Restart the server for the changes to take effect - each time you change any values for the asset proxy, you need to restart the server.


Once the Camo server is running and you’ve enabled the GitLab settings, any image or video that references an external source will get proxied to the Camo server. For example, this Markdown,


would have a source link that looks like